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Front end developer with an eye for design

Growing up in the heart of Asheville, North Carolina, it was always known that there were other cities out there that claimed to be "weirder." I grew up reading Dr. Seuss..."Oh, the places you'll go" and yes! my dad really did feed me green eggs and ham. But now I'm back in the heart of Austin, TX and I won't tell you which city is weirder...but I can tell you I am not normal.

Skills, Tools, & Technologies

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Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Dreamweaver, Microsoft Suite, Mac OS, Jira, TFS, Visual Studio, FTP


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Screenshot of new React website
Web Developer @ Freelance - ATX
May 2018 - Present

Currently I'm working on a project designed to feature a variety of handcarved artisan knives. It's a typical ecommerce site (add products, buy products, be amazed by the delivery of said product at your door) with the special touch that a content management system was never used! This project is designed to get me on the ground running with React!

Captured while kayaking ladybird lake
Digital Content Mangager / UI Developer @ Charles Schwab - ATX
July 2018 - Present

Over 200 request per week for content updates...do you really think that doesn't involve modification to code? Only an expert can quickly find the solution to make the code fit within the page as directed. It's not simply a 'Digital Content Manager'...it's a problem solver, a solution expert, and a preacher for UI best practices.

Some waterfalls are better sideways
UI Developer @ OrthoBanc - CHATT
May 2017 - July 2018

Joining a pilot team isn't a small task. You aren't allowed to fail. Every sprint is destined for success. Our team of three developers made that happen. We launched a portal that allowed resposible parties to pay for their minors through a website, redirecting tons of customer service calls to the web - without any call time necessary.

Captured on a morning run around Beaver Lake in Asheville
Web Developer @ J.G. Gaston Associates and more - AVL
July 2015 - April 2017

My dad wanted to upgrade his site. I took on the task. One thing led to another and I had the opportunity to teach myself new technologies and implement cutting edge front end frameworks that would sell myself as his go-to web developer! How could I turn this down?

Captured while kayaking ladybird lake
AmeriCorps Member @ 4-H Capital - ATX
August 2014 - June 2015

Kids in Austin first introduced me to HTML, CSS and JavaScript! The teachers were telling them the most opportunities would lie within the IT sector so it was my job to teach them how to code. Little did I know, I would come to LOVE the art of coding just as much as they did!




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